Kenichiro Nagayoshi

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We obtained diffusion-weighted echo planar images of the human cervical cord in vivo and correlated them with histopathologic findings. Images were obtained in 17 healthy volunteers using a 1.5 T clinical MR unit. When motion-probing gradients were added perpendicular to the long axis of the cord, the white matter was hyperintense because of anisotropic(More)
To delineate the white and gray matter of the normal human cervical spinal cord, diffusion-weighted echo planar imaging (DW-EPI) was performed in 11 healthy volunteers. Three axial (X-, Y- and Z-axis) anisotrophic diffusion-weighted images were obtained on a 1.5T superconducting clinical unit using a single-shot DW-EPI sequence. On X- and Y-axis DWIs the(More)
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