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In this report the intraluminal pressure of the vas deferens was measured in vivo in male cross-bred dogs. The measurement of the pressure elucidated that the vas deferens repeated autonomic contraction. This contraction was not the so-called peristalsis but the entire portion of the vas deferens contracted simultaneously. Stimulation of the hypogastric(More)
An 8-year-old intact rabbit was presented to a veterinary hospital with a complaint of enlarged left scrotum. Histological examination revealed a single large cyst adjacent to an efferent ductule-like tissue. The cyst wall was composed of monolayer cuboidal cells surrounded by dysplastic testicular tissue, and the seminiferous tubules were not developed at(More)
A 6-year-old female rabbit was presented to a veterinary clinic, and the result of ultrasound examination suggested a tumor in the uterine tube. Subsequently, both ovaries and uterus were surgically removed. In gross, a single large cyst in the right ovary and enlargement of the left uterine tube were observed. Histological examination revealed that the(More)
This is the first case report on the diagnosis of spinal cord injury due to hemorrhage during the neonatal period using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Somatosensory evoked potentials are also helpful in the functional demonstration of this lesion. When discrepant signs, alert consciousness and intact cranial nerves are observed in newborn babies with(More)
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