Kenichiro Asano

3Shigeharu Suzuki
2Norihito Shimamura
2Tetsuji Sekiya
2Akinori Yagihashi
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SUMMARY White-light emitting diode lamps for general illumination can be realized by a combination of a blue light-emitting diode semiconductor die and phosphors. Newly developed oxynitride and nitride phos-phors are promising candidates for this application because they have suitable excitation and emission wavelengths and stable optical properties in a(More)
Although apoptotic changes in auditory neurons induced by injury to peripheral processes (dendrites) have been intensively studied, apoptotic changes in auditory neurons induced by injury to central processes (axons of spiral ganglion cells, SGCs) have not been reported previously, probably due to lack of an experimental model. The present study reports for(More)
Excessive entry of Ca2+ into injured cochlear neurons activates various Ca(2+)-activated enzymes and subsequent spiral ganglion cell death. Therefore, preventing intracellular calcium overload by using Ca2+ channel antagonists may become an important countermeasure to spiral ganglion cell death. We experimentally investigated whether an L-type Ca2+ channel(More)
Cerebral vasospasm of the major cerebral arteries, which is characterized by angiographic narrowing of those vessels, had been recognized as a main contributor to delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) in subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) patients. However, the CONSCIOUS-1 trial revealed that clazosentan could not improve mortality or clinical outcome in spite of(More)
An 18-year-old male presented with a pineal region germinoma with hearing impairment as the chief complaint. Magnetic resonance image demonstrated a well-enhanced multi-cystic tumor extending into the upper fourth ventricle and wall of the bilateral lateral ventricles. Audiometry revealed bilateral mild hearing impairment in the low frequencies. Auditory(More)
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