Kenichi Yajima

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Inclusion 01 ADTs (AbsWacr Dula Types) has been studied by many researchers as a promising feature to make the relational database meet requirements from non-traditional advanced applications. In databases which support ADTs, the execution cost of a selection involving ADT functions (shortly, ADT selecdun) may be equal to or possibly more than that of a(More)
To acquire the certification according to ISO/IEC 15408 for a target system, it is necessary to create a security target (ST) which specifies security facilities of the system. Creating STs is not an easy task for developers because they do not know how to create STs well, even if they know the security facilities. Meanwhile, STs should be maintained(More)
It is very important to formally verify security specifications of information systems for ensuring their security. Thus we have proposed a formal verification method of security specifications with ISO/IEC 15408. However, to use the method, verifiers have to be familiar with Z notation, linear temporal logic, NuSMV input language, theorem proving, model(More)
Pattern detection is one of the essential challenges in crime mapping and analysis. Data mining can be used to explore crime detection problems. A cluster technique is an effective method for determining areas with high concentrations of localized events. Conversely, it remains a particularly demanding task to detect hotspots with mapping methods in view of(More)
Clustering techniques are application tools to analyze stored data in various fields. Clustering is a process to partition meaningful data into useful clusters which can be understood easily and has analytical value. The K-Means and K-Medoid Algorithms in their existing structure carry certain weaknesses. For example in case of K-Means algorithm(More)
After analyse the three security processes (CLASP, SDL AND PSSS) it has been selected that the PSSS as security approach to develop a secure project since of its advantages over the other two security processes. The most important objective of PSSS security process is to improve the effectiveness of software security projects. The overall objective of this(More)
The aim of this research is to contribute to quality management of food products by realizing a traceability system using sensor network and RFID technology. We clarified requirements on system scalability, independence of each distribution process, and network infrastructure with consideration of meat product distribution in Japan. Four mechanisms were(More)
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