Kenichi Takahama

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  • K. Takahama, M. R. Klee
  • 1990
The effect of piperidine (Pip) on isolated Aplysia neurons was investigated using the voltage clamp and concentration clamp techniques in which neurons were perfused internally and externally with Na+,Ks+ free solution. Pip induced a Cl-current (ICl) in a dose-dependent manner for doses ranging from 10−4 M to 10−2 M. The dose-response curve gave an apparent(More)
Hunt suggested that an adaptation-dependent linkage in the visual pathway from the retina to the brain can explain the variation of saturation produced by change of adapting luminance. If variation of saturation is caused by change of linkage, this change must also be involved in chromatic adaptation to light sources that have different chromaticities. By(More)
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