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Fundamental knowledge of pain in the oral mucosa is lacking. We determined the validity and reliability of the pressure-pain threshold (PPT) measurement in the oral mucosa using a newly developed hand-held pressure algometer. Ten dentulous subjects were recruited, and the PPT was measured at the bilateral buccal (on the attached gingiva apical to the(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted mental health training incorporating active listening for managers at a site of a general chemical company with 1,400 employees. Our purpose was to clarify the effect of active listening training of 2.5h. METHODS All subjects were managers. The mental health training was given to 229 managers, 21 times from May 2007 until March(More)
To investigate the effects of wearing an occlusal splint on masticatory movements in healthy individuals, twelve healthy individuals were examined. A full maxillary stabilization splint made of heat-cured acrylic resin was fabricated for, and worn by, each individual for 24 hours. Masticatory movement was measured before and after the 24-hour period using a(More)
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