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In order to further clarify the role of interleukin 6 (IL-6) in the pathogenesis of cachexia, recombinant human IL-6 (hIL-6) was administered s.c. by osmotic pump for 9 days at a dose of 1 or 10 micrograms/day into CDF1 mice inoculated with a non-cachexia-inducing subclone of colon 26 adenocarcinoma (clone 5), or with a cachexia-inducing subclone (clone 20)(More)
A subclone (clone 20) of chemically induced, murine colon adenocarcinoma with a potent ability to induce cachexia and another subclone (clone 5) without such an activity were transplanted to syngeneic mice (CDF1) and their tissue weights, blood components and cytokine levels in sera were compared. Mice transplanted with clone 20 showed a profound(More)
To investigate the incidence of ocular complications in patients with rheumatoid arthritis under modern modalities of treatment and find the relationship between its systemic activity and ocular complications, routine ophthalmological examinations were done as a prospective study in 111 consecutive patients including 89 inpatients and 22 outpatients with(More)
We investigated the correlation between the components of spontaneous eye movement (EOG) and EEG in six healthy individuals. The study was conducted in three periods; from the resting to drowsy stage, from the drowsy to spontaneous awakening stage, and in the forced waking stage. EEG, as registered from bipolar electrodes attached between the left parietal(More)
In order to determine whether or not the lidocaine metabolism, monoethylglycinexylidide (MEGX) formation, could be used as a liver function test, we measured the serum levels of MEGX in 38 patients. There were significant correlations between values of MEGX (MEGX15, MEGX30, AUC15-30, AUC0-180) and conventional liver function tests (ICG R15, AT III, T. Bil).(More)
One hundred two children with ECHO 11 virus infection were analyzed as to symptomatology, which was related to the age of the patients. Neonates manifested an undifferentiated febrile illness in most cases. The symptomatology of older infants and toddlers was different from that of newborns with respect to the presence of discernible pharyngitis in two(More)
A 38-year-old woman with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) presented with liver damage during prednisolone therapy. Because her liver damage did not improve, she was admitted to our hospital. Laboratory findings revealed liver enzyme elevation, impaired glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance. Pathological examination revealed marked diffuse macro and(More)
We have developed a new fine-caliber (2.09 mm outer diameter) endoscope for peroral cholangiopancreatoscopy. The endoscope contains one image transmission fiber, 12 light guide fibers (the transmitter of light from the light source) and a working channel (a lumen for the guide wire and rinsing). The working channel, whose bore is 0.72 mm, is located(More)
In 20 patients undergoing topical anesthesia for gastroscopic examination, serum concentrations of lidocaine and its metabolite, monomethylglycinexylidide (MEGX), were measured. Patients were divided randomly into two groups: a gel group, in which 5 ml of 2% lidocaine gel was applied to the throat for 20 minutes; and a solution group, in which 40 ml of 2%(More)