Kenichi Saeki

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This paper addresses the problem of feature-based robot localization in large-size environments. With recent progress in SLAM techniques, it has become crucial for a robot to estimate the self-position in real-time with respect to a large-size map that can be incrementally build by other mapper robots. Self-localization using large-size maps have been(More)
A QTL for cold tolerance at the booting stage of rice cultivar ‘Kuchum’ was detected and delimited into a 1.36 Mb region, and a cold-tolerant line was developed by QTL pyramiding. Low temperature in summer causes pollen sterility in rice, resulting in a serious loss of yield. The second most widely grown rice cultivar in Japan, ‘Hitomebore’, has been(More)
Microsporogenesis in rice (Oryza sativa) plants is susceptible to moderate low temperature (LT; approximately 19°C) that disrupts pollen development and causes severe reductions in grain yields. Although considerable research has been invested in the study of cool-temperature injury, a full understanding of the molecular mechanism has not been achieved.(More)
Plants subjected to abiotic stress can regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally by means of small RNAs such as microRNAs. Cool-temperature stress causes abnormal tapetum hypertrophy in rice anthers, leading to pollen sterility. As a first step toward understanding the molecular mechanisms of cool tolerance in developing anthers of rice, we report(More)
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