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This paper presents a 60-GHz sub-harmonic injection-locked quadrature frequency synthesizer with subsampling operation. This allows the proposed synthesizer to achieve relatively lower in-band phase noise through the use of sub-sampling operation, as well as good out-of-band phase noise through the use of sub-harmonic injection. The proposed synthesizer has(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents measurement of on-chip coupling between PA and LNA integrated on Si CMOS substrate, which is caused by substrate coupling, magnetic coupling, power-line coupling, etc. These components are decomposed by measurements using diced chips. The result reveals that the substrate coupling is the most dominant in CMOS chips and the total(More)
—This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion RF front-end and baseband transceiver including analog and digital circuitry for PHY functions. The 65-nm CMOS front-end consumes 319 and 223 mW in transmitting and receiving mode, respectively. It is capable of more than 7-Gb/s 16QAM wireless communication for every channel of the 60-GHz standards, which can(More)
This paper presents a 60-GHz direct-conversion transceiver in 65 nm CMOS technology. By the proposed gain peaking technique, this transceiver realizes good gain flatness and is capable of more than 7 Gbps in 16QAM wireless communication for all channels of IEEE802.11ad standard within EVM of around -23 dB. The transceiver consumes 319mWin transmitting and(More)
This paper proposes a dynamic reconfigurable architecture for analog RF circuits. The architecture consists of RF circuits and a control circuit. The RF circuits can be reconfigured by bias voltages of transistors and variable passive components, and the RF circuit block can also be switched dynamically. The proposed architecture can realize the(More)