Kenichi Nakamura

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This paper describes a method for determining the vocal tract spectrum from articulatory movements using an hidden Markov models (HMMs). In the proposed system, articulatory parameters are generated from a TTS system and converted to acoustic features to be synthesized. Comparing with conventional GMM-based systems, the proposed system has two additional(More)
Information sharing services have been provided via common servers, which not only relay messages but also sometimes moderate them. A peer can become a moderator and control the distribution of messages belonging to his private message group. However, the physical transfer of a message is usually out of the peer's control. Originator-signed signatures(More)
Information Centric Networking (ICN) is one of the promising technologies to support reliable communication in the post-disaster network. This demo presents the integrated framework of push and pull type content-based communication, along with proposed enhancements that make it applicable in a disaster scenario. We will demonstrate these features with the(More)
This paper proposes a spectral conversion technique based on a new statistical model which includes time-sequence matching. In conventional GMM-based approaches, the Dynamic Programming (DP) matching between source and target feature sequences is performed prior to the training of GMMs. Although a similarity measure of two frames, e.g., the Euclid distance(More)
— This paper proposes the estimation algorithm of some positional relationships between two robots and a car for a car transportation system. The car transportation system in this paper consists of two mobile robots and they lift drive wheels of the car to move the car. The knowledge of positional relationships between two robots and the condition of(More)