Kenichi Nakagawa

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We aim to clarify the requirements for the mimamori-care system in the group home to support caregivers who take care of persons with dementia (PWD). We investigated the effects of the prototype, which consists of several cameras and monitors, by interviewing eleven caregivers. We found that the prototype system not only helps the caregivers to watch out(More)
An efficient optical fiber-to-waveguide coupling technique is described, using a novel transcision cut, alignment ways, and D-shaped fibers. Fiber-to-waveguide coupling efficiencies as high as 96% have been achieved with multimode graded-index fibers and ridge polymer optical waveguides. Advantages of using this new coupling technique include ease of(More)
In this paper, we measured the interference immunity characteristics of high-speed PLC modem using Wavelet-OFDM when the narrowband conducted interference signal was injected, and also calculated them by the computer simulation using MATLAB/ Simulink. As the results, it was clear that (1) measured PHY rate at the all frequency band hardly decreased in C/I(More)
In this paper, by the computer simulation using MATLAB/ Simulink, we calculated the interference characteristics of high speed PLC modem using Wavelet-OFDM based on the wavelet transform, when impressing the narrowband conducted interference signal with the amplitude modulation (80% modulation level and 1kHz modulated frequency) specified by IEC 61000-4-6,(More)
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