Kenichi Mukaida

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of bakumondoto, Kampo medicine, on cough in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). DESIGN A 16-week, randomized, open-labeled, cross-over design. SETTING Outpatient clinics at one university hospital and two general hospitals in Japan from May 2007 to March 2009. PARTICIPANTS Twenty-four elderly(More)
OBJECTIVES Mustard gas (MG) has been the most widely used chemical warfare agent in the past century. However, few but conflicting data exist on the effects of MG exposure on long-term mortality. We investigated MG-related mortality in retired workers at a poisonous gas factory. METHODS We assessed mortality rates among 2392 male and 1226 female workers,(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Tulobuterol patch (Tulo) is often used for treatment of elder patient with asthma in Japan. However, there is no evidence either ICS plus Tulo or ICS/LABA combination is better for elder patient. METHODS Elder patients with asthma (aged≥ 70, n=17) who had treated with budesonide (BUD) 400 μg/day plus Tulo 2 mg/day, were randomly(More)
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