Kenichi Morooka

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To date, several training and evaluation systems for endoscopic surgery have been developed, such as virtual-reality simulators and box trainers. However, despite current advances in these objective assessments, no functional brain studies during learning of endoscopic surgical skills have been carried out. In the present study, we investigated cortical(More)
The hyperventilation test has been used as a clinical tool to induce coronary spasm. However, its diagnostic and prognostic values have not been fully elucidated. This study was designed to establish the sensitivity and specificity of the hyperventilation test and to clarify the characteristics of hyperventilation test-positive patients. We examined 206(More)
The maturation of human cerebrum and cerebellum in 37 normal children aged 4 months to 13 years 8 months was evaluated by 31P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy using two different conditions of repetition time (TR) (TR = 3 seconds and 15 seconds) in each region. The results were as follows. First, the PME/PDE, PCr/gamma-ATP and Pi/PCr ratios differed between(More)
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