Kenichi Fukui

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Since the 3rd century for more than a thousand years chemistry has been thought of as a complicated, hard-to-predict science. Efforts to improve even a part of its unpredictable character are said to have born fruit first of all in the success of the " electronic theory ". This was founded mainly by organic chemists , such as Fry, Stieglitz, Lucas, Lapworth(More)
We report a 20-year-old man with glycogen storage disease type Ia (GSD Ia) who presented multiple hepatocellular adenomas (HCAs) in 1993 and in whom percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) was conducted as treatment for some enlarging tumors beneath the liver surface. In a 6-year follow-up period, we observed gradual enlargement of some of the HCAs, and the(More)
Azizi Ab Aziz Lucas Agussurja Jean-Paul Arcangeli Tim Baarslag Dirk Bade Bruno Beaufils Francesco Belardinelli Karel Bergmann Stefano Bromuri Suratna Budalakoti Sofia Ceppi Kyriakos Chatzidimitriou Antonios Chrysopoulos Zijie Cong Jorge Pablo Cordero Hernandez Lennard de Rijk David DeAngelis John Debenham Fabien Delecroix Marc Esteva Patricia Everaere Moser(More)
Tawfig M. Abdelaziz Diana Francisca Adamatti Lucas Agussurja Patrizio Barbini Alexandros Batzios Ana Bazzan Fiemke Both Jeffrey E. Boyd Yundong Cai Henrique Lopes Cardoso Thomas E. Carroll Sara Casare Paulo André Lima de Castro António Castro Lijun Chang Kyriakos C. Chatzidimitriou Prithviraj Dasgupta Ke Cheng Helder Coelho Stephen Cranefield John Debenham(More)
Studies on ubiquitous-computing and/or ubiquitous-network systems have recently been very attractive research topics along with interest in rapid developments in information and communications technologies [2]. All kinds of information devices such as computers, cellular phones, electrical appliances, and various sensors will be connected in future(More)
Decreased effective circulating blood volume is an important factor in ascites formation in liver cirrhosis. We designed a "body compression" apparatus as a means to restore effective blood volume and investigated its effectiveness in reducing ascites formation in cirrhotics in terms of its effect on parameters of ascites formation noted below. The(More)
In the epidemiology "background factors" are usually called "risk factors" which are estimated and identitied from descriptive, analytical and experimental epidemiological studies. Major risk factors of cancer of the digestive organs which have been identitied from epidemiological studies are age, sex, race, inheritance, immunological deficiency, diet,(More)
We present a general approach for describing chemical processes (bond breaking and bond formation) in materials using force elds (FF) that properly describe multiple bonds at small distances while describing nonbond (Coulomb and van der Waals) interactions at long distances. This approach is referred to as the generalized extended empirical bond-order(More)
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