Kenia Picos

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A real-time system for classification and tracking of multiple moving objects is proposed. The system employs a bank of composite correlation filters with complex constraints implemented in parallel on a graphics processing unit. When a scene frame is captured, the system splits the frame into several fragments on the base of a modeling kinematic prediction(More)
This work presents a real-time video processing algorithm for 3D scenes using a graphics processor. The processing is based on parallel computing using concurrent kernels. The proposed algorithm processes individual pixels of each pair of input stereo images to obtain an anaglyph image for each frame. To reduce the computational time, a concurrent kernel(More)
Light interactions with matter is of remarkable complexity. An adequate modeling of global illumination is a vastly studied topic since the beginning of computer graphics, and still is an unsolved problem. The rendering equation for global illumination is based of refraction and re ection of light in interaction with matter within an environment. This(More)
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