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In order to assess the efficacy of helical CT in drip-infusion cholangiography (DIC-CT) for diagnosis of choledocholithiasis, 82 patients with biliary diseases, including 25 patients with a definite diagnosis of choledocholithiasis obtained by direct cholangiography, were investigated by DIC-CT and EUS. Comparative investigation showed that, of the 25(More)
Virus-associated hemophagocytic syndrome (VAHS) is a nonneoplastic, generalized histiocytic proliferation disorder with marked hemophagocytosis associated with a systemic viral infection. We describe a female child with EBV-related VAHS, in whom Southern blot analysis showed monoclonal proliferation of bone marrow cells having EBV genome as detected with(More)
We retrospectively reviewed 289 cases followed for a long time after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripy (ESWL) for gallstones. Follow-up periods ranged from 0.5 years to 9.2 years, with a median of 4.1 years. The complete resolution rate was 45.6%. A solitary gallstone, non-calcified gallstones on CT, and Tsuchiya's sonographic type Ia and Ib gallstones(More)
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) stimulated with pokeweed mitogen (PWM) produced increased IgG when cultured with interleukin-6 (IL-6). IgG subclass analysis showed that the presence of IL-6 during the last half of the culture period enhanced IgG1 and IgG4 production. Enhancement of IgG2 synthesis required the presence of IL-6 solely during the(More)
Children with asthma usually become asymptomatic by the time they reach age 20 y. To clarify the immunologic mechanisms responsible for this phenomenon, we studied patients in remission and others who still had frequent asthma attacks. Patients were grouped by clinical status, and three variables were measured: serum levels of IgE, production of IL4 and(More)
A 79-year-old woman was referred to our hospital with complaints of dyspnea. She was diagnosed with massive pleural effusion and cytology demonstrated the presence of adenocarcinoma, but no solid tumors were found in the systemic examination. Her serum CYFRA and CA125 level were increased. She was diagnosed with an effusion type of lung cancer or a cancer(More)
Effect of TYB-2285 and its metabolites on immune responses by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from children with bronchial asthma was investigated. TYB-2285 and its metabolites have immunosuppressive activity for the proliferation by Df-stimulated patients' lymphocytes. Concanavalin A (Con A)-activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)(More)