Kengoro Yoshii

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A 12-year-old, intact female beagle exhibited symptoms of polyuria-polydipsia and hyperorexia for two months. Blood tests showed elevated asparate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, alkaline phosphatase and creatine kinase levels, as well as marked hypokalemia. The results of adrenocorticotropic hormone stimulation test showed elevated cortisol,(More)
Two infants, aged 36 days old (Case 1) and 18 days old (Case 2) with interrupted aortic arch types B and A, respectively, and with severe aortic stenosis, were successfully operated on by use of pulsatile cardiopulmonary bypass. The great arteries were normally related in Case 1 and were transposed in Case 2. Repair involved the following procedure:(More)
Right and left heart catheterizations and biplane cineangiographies were performed on 115 post-MCLS cases to study the left ventricular performance and compliance, and the following conclusions were obtained: 1) The left ventricular performance of the post-MCLS cases with macroscopic cardiac lesions such as coronary aneurysms and stenosis declined compared(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of aging on the components of the cardiothoracic ratio (CTR) in the chest roentgenogram in women remains obscure. There have been only a few reported studies that have investigated longitudinal changes of the CTR in women. OBJECTIVE To determine whether there is an effect of aging on the CTR in women. METHODS The study population(More)
We analyzed the transient response of oxygen consumption (VO2) after the sudden termination of exercise. The study population consisted of 20 male athletes (age 13 to 15.9 years) and 87 male patients, 59 of whom (age 4.8 to 17.8 years) were considered to be normal subjects, and 28 of whom (age 6 to 14.8 years) had restricted physical activity because of(More)
Diastolic pressure and volume (P-V) curves were approximately exponential and fitted the equation, dP/dV = aP + b, where a was left ventricular volume elastic constant. Stress and strain (sigma-epsilon) curves were expressed by the equation, d sigma/d epsilon = k sigma + c, where k was wall stiffness constant. These exponential curves have been fitted over(More)
In order to elucidate fundamental relationship between exercise and cardiac reserve, we investigated the parameters of regression equation (VO2 = A X HR + B) between oxygen consumption (VO2 ml/kg/min) and heart rate (HR) during exercise test (Bruce). 62 male children were divided into 3 groups based on history and clinical evaluation. HR related linearly(More)
NK 631, a new derivative of bleomycin, was clinically used in 14 cases of malignant tumors of skin. The results obtained were remarkably effective in 7 cases, effective in 3 cases, slightly effective in 2 cases and ineffective in 2 cases. The effective ratio was 71% when calculated regarding slightly effective as ineffective. Compared with bleomycin, we(More)
The relationship between oxygen consumption (VO2) and heart rate (HR) was studied in 62 male children. Based on clinical evaluation and history, they were divided into three groups, i.e., athlete, ordinary and failed. There was a high linear correlation between HR and VO2 in each individual. The averaged values of the slope and standard deviations were 2.09(More)
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