Kengo Tsunekawa

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Gastric choriocarcinoma is a rare tumor and attracts interest because of its controversial pathogenesis. The present study reports a choriocarcinomatous change with immunocytochemically hCG-positive cells in the gastric carcinoma. The patients were males, one was 41 years old and the other 42 years old. The tumor of both cases consists of adenocarcinoma and(More)
This paper introduces a device for enhancing tactile perception of surface undulation. This device, which we call a "tactile contact lens," is composed of a sheet and numerous pins arranged on one side of the sheet. Our experimental results show that a small bump on a surface can be detected more accurately through this device than by bare finger and than(More)
The present study investigates the effects of truncal vagotomy and drug treatment, comprising atropine methylbromide and chlorisondamine, on the development of activity-stress ulcers in rats. To induce gastric lesions, female rats were housed individually in activity-wheel cages and subjected to a food-restricted schedule of only 1 hr food availability per(More)
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