Kengo Hanaya

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In a previous study, we reported that sodium orthovanadate (vanadate) is the first known inhibitor that is capable of protecting mice from death from the radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome via its ability to block both transcription-dependent and transcription-independent p53 apoptotic pathways. In this paper, we report that vanadate has a unique(More)
Previously, we have demonstrated that human ABCB5 is a full-sized ATP-binding cassette transporter that shares strong homology with ABCB1/P-glycoprotein. ABCB5-transfected cells showed resistance to taxanes and anthracyclines. Herein, we further screened ABCB5 substrates, and explored the mechanism of resistance. Sensitivity of the cells to test compounds(More)
The selective inhibition of an aminopeptidase from Aeromonas proteolytica (AAP), a dinuclear Zn2+ hydrolase, by 8-quinolinol (8-hydroxyquinoline, 8-HQ) derivatives is reported. We previously reported on the preparation of 8-HQ-pendant cyclens as Zn2+ fluorophores (cyclen is 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane), in which the nitrogen and phenolate of the 8-HQ(More)
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