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In a previous study, we reported that sodium orthovanadate (vanadate) is the first known inhibitor that is capable of protecting mice from death from the radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome via its ability to block both transcription-dependent and transcription-independent p53 apoptotic pathways. In this paper, we report that vanadate has a unique(More)
The selective inhibition of an aminopeptidase from Aeromonas proteolytica (AAP), a dinuclear Zn2+ hydrolase, by 8-quinolinol (8-hydroxyquinoline, 8-HQ) derivatives is reported. We previously reported on the preparation of 8-HQ-pendant cyclens as Zn2+ fluorophores (cyclen is 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane), in which the nitrogen and phenolate of the 8-HQ(More)
Previously, we have demonstrated that human ABCB5 is a full-sized ATP-binding cassette transporter that shares strong homology with ABCB1/P-glycoprotein. ABCB5-transfected cells showed resistance to taxanes and anthracyclines. Herein, we further screened ABCB5 substrates, and explored the mechanism of resistance. Sensitivity of the cells to test compounds(More)
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