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A quadruped walking vehicle TITAN VI having a new leg mechanism is designed and manufactured. Objectives of design of TITAN VI are to walk on an ordinary staircase of 30 to 40 degrees, to constitute an active platform which assists manipulation in the stationary condition, and to walk at a high speed by using dynamic walk. The new mechanisms introduced in(More)
Minimization differences on Cellular Automata approach to predict new inundated area of hot mudflow on LUSI mud eruption disaster which occurred in Sidoarjo area is proposed. There are three characteristics of hot mudflow that is unique such as sur face material changes rapidly, surface temperature changes quickly and dike is constructed to avoid spill(More)
Poly(N-methylglycine) (NMGn) and poly(N-ethylglycine) (NEGn) obtained by polymerization reactions initiated by benzylamine have no carboxy termini, such as those in normal polyamides, but have only amino termini, which exist primarily as cations in aqueous media at a pH value of ca. 9.5, observed in aqueous solutions without any buffer reagents. Therefore,(More)
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