Keng Tiong Tan

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It has been shown that the rate of preterm birth in remote and rural populations in Australia is more than twice of those in the metropolitan population, and that increased access to quality antenatal care in such communities leads to a significant improvement. This paper describes a system that supports remote fetal heart rate monitoring, thus providing a(More)
We propose MARGE, a game which incorporates multiplayer, pervasive gaming elements into mobile content sharing. MARGE allows users to annotate real world locations with multimedia content, and concurrently, provide opportunities for play through creating and engaging interactive game elements, earning currency, and socializing. A study of MARGE was(More)
In this demonstration, we introduce SPLASH (Seek, PLAy, SHare), a mobile application which blends gaming with content sharing and socializing activities. SPLASH is a human computation game that generates location-based content as a byproduct of gameplay. The entertainment derived from gameplay is harnessed to motivate users to contribute content. A detailed(More)
Australia is geographically large and sparsely populated. Thus, its population is subject to inequalities in healthcare based on geographic location. This is particularly true for the management of pregnancies at risk, which require regular monitoring. We discuss a solution in the form of a framework based on inexpensive monitoring devices coupled with a(More)
Human Computation Games (HCGs), harness the element of fun from games and information is generated as a byproduct of game play. A number of location-based mobile HCGs have emerged recently. Understanding actual usage and usability issues is crucial in identifying the challenges users face while using such applications. We introduce SPLASH (Seek, Play,(More)
Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) is a rare disorder characterized by the deposition of lipoproteinaceous materials in the bronchoalveolar tree. Whole lung lavage was introduced in the 1960s and remains a treatment of choice for PAP. The main anesthetic challenge of whole lung lavage is maintaining adequate oxygenation during the procedure. We describe 2(More)
Pre-procedural ultrasound scanning has been used to facilitate spinal anaesthesia in patients with difficult anatomical landmarks and shown to improve first-attempt success rates in some studies. We studied whether pre-procedural ultrasound scanning improved first-attempt success rate and decreased time taken for the procedure in the general adult(More)
Social computing applications have empowered users to create and share content. Users are able to share rich location-based multimedia information by harnessing the phone capabilities such as Global Positioning Systems and wireless networking. An emerging line of inquiry has focused on the blending of social computing features with mobile gaming. In this(More)
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