Keng Thiam Lee

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The plantar plate is a rarely seen, yet central structure to the lesser metatarsal phalangeal (MP) joint. Thirty cadaver lesser MP joints were studied to obtain a detailed description of the plate, including its dimensions, connections, and histology. The plate was found to be made of fibrocartilage with fiber orientation which suggests that it withstands(More)
Lengthening the lateral column of the foot has been shown to correct flatfoot deformity. In adults, however, lengthening leads to calcaneocuboid arthritis. Lateral column lengthening with calcaneocuboid fusion, which lengthens the lateral column of the foot and prevents calcaneocuboid arthritis, was investigated in a cadaver model to determine the remaining(More)
BACKGROUND We report the functional impact and natural history of cutaneous hypoesthesia after plate internal fixation for mid shaft clavicle fractures with a horizontal skin incision from year 2009 to 2011. MATERIALS AND METHODS 38 patients had complete followup data with an average followup period of 23.2 months (range 8-43 months). The impact of(More)
A medially directed force was applied to the first metatarsal in 10 cadaver feet. The peroneus longus tendon was subjected to a pull of 5 pounds. The soft tissues between the first and second metatarsals were cut sequentially, starting with the skin on the dorsal and plantar aspect, followed by the intermetatarsal ligament and adductor hallucis tendon, and,(More)
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