Keng T. Tan

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OBJECTIVE Delirium is associated with poor outcomes following acute hospitalization. A specialized delirium management unit, the Geriatric Monitoring Unit (GMU), was established. Evening bright light therapy (2000-3000 lux; 6-10 pm daily) was added as adjunctive treatment, to consolidate circadian activity rhythms and improve sleep. This study examined(More)
It is well-recognized that 30-40% of chronic idiopathic urticaria is autoimmune in nature. Chronic autoimmune urticaria is caused by anti-FcepsilonRI and less frequently, by anti-IgE autoantibodies that lead to mast cell and basophil activation, thereby giving rise to the release of histamine and other proinflammatory mediators. Activation of the classical(More)
Two dimensional (2D) barcodes are becoming a pervasive interface for mobile devices, such as camera phones. Often, only monochrome 2D-barcodes are used due to their robustness in an uncontrolled operating environment of camera phones. Most camera phones capture and store such 2D-barcode images in the baseline JPEG format. As a lossy compression technique,(More)
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