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We report the fabrication of degenerately doped silicon (Si) nanowires of different aspect ratios using a simple, low-cost and effective technique that involves metal-assisted chemical etching (MacEtch) combined with soft lithography or thermal dewetting metal patterning. We demonstrate sub-micron diameter Si nanowire arrays with aspect ratios as high as(More)
The tensile properties of the outermost layer of skin of neonatal rats, the stratum corneum, were investigated at a constant strain rate as a function of moisture content and ambient test temperature. The results show that the mechnical behavior of this membrane, whose primary constituent is the fibrous protein keratin, can be significantly altered by(More)
This paper presents a non-lithographic approach to generate wafer-scale single crystal silicon nanowires (SiNWs) with controlled sidewall profile and surface morphology. The approach begins with silver (Ag) thin-film thermal dewetting, gold (Au) deposition and lift-off to generate a large-scale Au mesh on Si substrates. This is followed by metal-assisted(More)
This letter presents a solid-state electrochemical nanoimprint process for direct patterning of metallic nanostructures. It uses a patterned solid electrolyte or superionic conductor (such as silver sulfide) as a stamp and etches a metallic film by an electrochemical reaction. Our preliminary experiments demonstrate repeatable and high-fidelity pattern(More)
Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy has been performed on silver nanoparticles in a scanning electron microscopy setup. Peaks appearing in the visible range for particles fabricated on silicon substrate are shown to arrive from excitation of out-of-plane eigenmodes by the electron beam. Monochromatic emission maps have been shown to resolve spatial field(More)
Frequency dependence in phonon surface scattering is a debated topic in fundamental phonon physics. Recent experiments and theory suggest such a phenomenon, but an independent agreement between the two remains elusive. We report low-temperature dependence of thermal conductivity in silicon nanowires fabricated using a two-step, metal-assisted chemical etch.(More)
This paper demonstrates and analyzes the new use of the glassy solid electrolyte AgI-AgPO(3) for direct nanopatterning of thin silver films with feature resolutions of 30 nm. AgI-AgPO(3) has a high room temperature ionic conductivity with Ag( + ) as the mobile ion, leading to silver etch/patterning rates of up to 20 nm s( - 1) at an applied bias of 300 mV.(More)
In this paper, we report direct patterning of metal nanostructures using an embossed solid electrochemical stamp. Microforming of solid superionic stamps using Si templates--analogous to polymer patterning in nano-imprint lithography--is explored. Silver sulfide (Ag₂S)--a superionic conductor with excellent microforming properties--is investigated as a(More)
Oxygen transfer from gas to liquid under steady-state cocurrent flow conditions was modeled using the dispersion model, and the oxygen transfer coefficients were estimated from available data for a column with Koch motionless mixers. The dispersion in the column was estimated for several different gas and liquid flow rates using steady-state tracer(More)
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