Keng-Chu Lin

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Engineers have proposed lots of mechanisms for providing secure communications in ad hoc networks since the early 1990s. Due to the absence of fixed infrastructure, ad hoc networks are more vulnerable when encountering security threats than conventional wireless networks. The mobile ad hoc network can be considered as a short-lived collection of mobile(More)
In order to promote the development of solar cells with varying types of sensitizers including dyes and quantum dots, it is crucial to establish a general experimental analysis that accounts for all important optical and electrical losses resulting from interfacial phenomena. All of these varying types of solar cells share common features where a mesoporous(More)
Transparent photocatalytic surfaces are of ever increasing importance for many applications on self-cleaning windows and tiles in everyday applications. Here, we report the formation and photocatalytic testing of a quasi-transparent thin and nanoporous titania films deposited on glass plates. Sputtered Ti thin films were anodized in fluoride-ion-containing(More)
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