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Future scenarios for the oceans project combined developments of CO 2 accumulation and global warming and their impact on marine ecosystems. The synergistic impact of both factors was addressed by studying the effect of elevated CO 2 concentrations on thermal tolerance of the cold-eurythermal spider crab Hyas araneus from the population around Helgoland.(More)
Measurement of intrapulmonary shunting (Qsp/Qt), a widely used method for monitoring disturbances of pulmonary oxygen transfer in critically ill patients, involves calculation of arterial and mixed venous oxygen contents. In circumstances where mixed venous blood samples are not readily available, oxygen tension-based indices such as the alveolar to(More)
Previous studies have indicated a decreased risk for developing Alzheimer's disease in anti-inflammatory (AI) drug users. Yet few studies have determined whether AI drug use provides a protective effect against normal age-related changes in the brains of older adults. Regional volume changes in gray and white matter were assessed cross-sectionally using(More)
OBJECTIVE Beta-trace protein concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), serum and nasal secretions are investigated with a new quantitative, immunonephelometric assay. RESULTS The mean beta-trace concentration of normal lumbar CSF (18.4 mg/l) and normal serum (0.59 mg/l), from n = 132 control patients, were 10% higher than reported earlier for smaller(More)
  • K Walther
  • 1993
By means of a questionnaire sent to 1615 dentist practices in 9 Lander of the former West Germany, a survey has been organized of the efficiency of amalgam separators, which had been made compulsory on 1 January 1990. Only 51% seems to be operating without any defaults. The frequency and the nature of the defaults, as well as the cost-price of the repairs(More)