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We hypothesized that semester goal attainment provides a route to short-term psychological growth. In an attempt to enhance this process, we randomly assigned participants to either a goal-training program or to a control condition. Although there were no main effects of program participation on later goal attainment, important interactions were found.(More)
Client authentication has been a continuous source of problems on the Web. Although many well-studied techniques exist for authentication, Web sites continue to use extremely weak authentication schemes, especially in non-enterprise environments such as store fronts. These weaknesses often result from careless use of authentica-tors within Web cookies. Of(More)
Clean Water Services (CWS) is a water resource management utility that provides wastewater, stormwater and water resource services to over 500,000 citizens in Washington County, Oregon. In 2004, CWS was issued Oregon's first Integrated Watershed-based Stormwater and Wastewater NPDES Permit that allows for the trading of temperature credits within the(More)
The casual conversational style used by the students on any front stage environment can educate extensively about their learning process. The collection of data from such an open environment can bring out many important and unknown factors about students' behaviour, their opinions, their feelings their concerns pertaining to their educational system. The(More)
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