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Client authentication has been a continuous source of problems on the Web. Although many well-studied techniques exist for authentication, Web sites continue to use extremely weak authentication schemes, especially in non-enterprise environments such as store fronts. These weaknesses often result from careless use of authentica-tors within Web cookies. Of(More)
A sinusoidal mask grating oriented orthogonally to and superimposed onto an optimally oriented base grating reduces a cortical neuron's response amplitude. The spatial selectivity of cross-orientation suppression (XOR) has been described, so for this paper we investigated the temporal properties of XOR. We recorded from single striate cortical neurons (n =(More)
We hypothesized that semester goal attainment provides a route to short-term psychological growth. In an attempt to enhance this process, we randomly assigned participants to either a goal-training program or to a control condition. Although there were no main effects of program participation on later goal attainment, important interactions were found.(More)
Oxygen radical generation due to surface radicals, inflammation, and iron release has been suggested as the mechanism of adverse effects of quartz, such as emphysema, fibrosis, and carcinogenic effects. Therefore, we measured iron release, acellular generation of hydroxyl radicals, and oxidative DNA damage and cytotoxicity in rat lung epithelial (RLE) cells(More)
Thirteen-channel visual evoked potentials (VEPs) to pattern-onset were recorded with stimuli restricted to individual octants of the peripheral field, to halves and to quadrants of the fovea. The voltage of the CI component was measured in each channel to define its topography for each stimulated sector. The potential fields so obtained were then analysed(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the upper limit of normal ear temperatures, defined as the 95th percentile for infants, children, and adolescents, using the arterial heat balance method for measuring ear temperatures. Ear temperatures were measured in 62 infants, 0-2 months of age; 346 children, 3-47 months; 226 children, 48-119 months; and 172(More)
The primary purpose of this unique evaluation of cadaveric skeletal geometry was to compare intercondylar notch geometry between males and females. One hundred male skeletons and 100 female skeletons were evaluated. Three indices of notch geometry were calculated from digital photographs of the distal femur: notch width index, notch area index, and notch(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Initial laboratory and clinical data suggest that partial liquid ventilation (PLV) can enhance pulmonary function and that lung growth can be induced via distension of the newborn lung using perfluorocarbon in patients with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). The authors, therefore, performed a prospective, randomized pilot study(More)
Particulate air pollution, including coal fly ash, contains iron, and some of the pathological effects after inhalation may be due to reactive oxygen species produced by iron-catalyzed reactions. The objective of this study was to determine whether iron, present in coal fly ash, was mobilized, leading to ferritin induction in human airway epithelial cells,(More)
STUDY DESIGN Technology development and prospective study. OBJECTIVES Develop instrumentation for discrete, reliable, and objective measurement of brace use patterns between routine follow-ups and without patient involvement. BACKGROUND DATA To understand spinal bracing efficacy and clinical effectiveness in the conservative treatment of adolescent(More)