Kendra Markle

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There is a pressing need for an effective means of transforming health behaviors. Obesity, anxiety and other behavior-generated health conditions result in billions of dollars of healthcare costs and a great deal of human suffering. Technology innovations are rapidly presenting new delivery mechanisms that can be harnessed to influence health behaviors. (More)
BACKGROUND Mobile messaging interventions have been shown to improve outcomes across a number of mental health and health-related conditions, but there are still significant gaps in our knowledge of how to construct and deliver the most effective brief messaging interventions. Little is known about the ways in which subtle linguistic variations in message(More)
This thesis presents a methodology for optimization of static and domino logic. The optimization techniques that are discussed were developed to improve propagation delay, dissipated power and area for circuit examples while taking noise margin and other constraints into consideration. Where needed, a weighted combination of the these four concerns is used(More)
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