Kendra J Grim

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Most infants at risk for neonatal abstinence syndrome have opioid plus another drug exposure; polypharmacy is the rule rather than the exception. Scales for evaluation of neonatal abstinence syndrome are primarily based for opioid withdrawal. A standard protocol to treat neonatal abstinence syndrome has not been developed. Institute nonpharmacologic(More)
BACKGROUND Dental extraction of abscessed or infected teeth before cardiac operation is often performed to decrease perioperative infection and late endocarditis. Literature to support dental extraction before cardiac operation is limited. The goal of this study was to evaluate the risk of major adverse outcomes in patients undergoing dental extraction(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate surgical, anesthetic, and device-related complications as well as auditory and speech-language development outcomes associated with cochlear implantation (CI) in children 12 months of age and younger. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective chart review. SETTING Tertiary academic referral center. PATIENTS All children with(More)
OBJECTIVE An alternative treatment approach is needed for children who cannot tolerate oral iron preparations or when there is a need for rapid replenishment of iron stores. We report on the safety, adverse effects, and efficacy of intravenous iron sucrose in a retrospective sample of children with restless legs syndrome (RLS) or periodic limb movement(More)
A parturient with Fontan circulation required general anesthesia for urgent cesarean delivery and subsequent prolonged postoperative ventilation for newly-diagnosed pseudocholinesterase deficiency. Anesthetic management necessitated a thorough understanding of the hemodynamic principles of the Fontan circulation and physiologic adaptations during surgical(More)
BACKGROUND The i.v. anaesthetic propofol produces bronchodilatation. Airway relaxation involves reduced intracellular Ca(2+) ([Ca(2+)](i)) in airway smooth muscle (ASM) and lipid rafts (caveolae), and constitutional caveolin proteins regulate [Ca(2+)](i). We postulated that propofol-induced bronchodilatation involves caveolar disruption. METHODS Caveolar(More)
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