Kendra Davis

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Although adolescent girls with elevated dietary restraint scores are at increased risk for future binge eating and bulimic pathology, they do not eat less than those with lower restraint scores. The fact that only a small proportion of individuals with elevated dietary restraint scores develop bulimic pathology suggests that some extreme but rare form of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A nontraditional form of exercise recently applied for patients with Parkinson disease (PD) is boxing training. The primary purpose of this case series is to describe the effects of disease severity and duration of boxing training (short term and long term) on changes in balance, mobility, and quality of life for patients with mild or(More)
The tumor suppressor gene p53 is involved in a variety of cellular activities such as cellular stress responses, cell cycle regulation and differentiation. In our previous studies we have shown p53's transcription activating role to be important in osteoblast differentiation. There is still a debate in the literature as to whether p53 inhibits or promotes(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVES To describe hormone profiles for pre-/post-menopausal women, to monitor time to resumption of menstruation among pre-menopausal women and to describe cortisol associated LH suppression and phasic variation in other sex hormones over timeMethods and procedures: This study determined amenorrhea duration and characterized acute (days 0-7)(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ocular surface parameters that could predict patient satisfaction after single application of vectored thermal pulsation (VTP). METHODS This is a retrospective interventional case series; it included consecutive patients who underwent bilateral VTP for management of symptomatic meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). Patients received a(More)
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