Kendall Lister

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The context of a statement or assertion can be critical to a useful understanding of its meaning. In huge knowledge bases such as the CYC project, capturing context explicitly encounters significant problems. Research at the Intelligent Agent Lab at The University of Melbourne has been investigating lightweight approaches to incorporating context in the(More)
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the current partial solutions to the goal of semantic interoperability on the web. It is obvious that a general solution to the problem on a global level has not yet been achieved. We critically discuss the existing approaches, including technologies such as RDF, SHOE, PROMPT, Chimaera and others, trying to identify(More)
This paper addresses issues faced by agents operating in large-scale multi-cultural environments. We argue for systems that are tolerant of heterogeneity. The discussion is illustrated with a running example of researching and comparing university web sites, which is a realistic scenario representative of many current knowledge management tasks that would(More)
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