Kenda E Crozier

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The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is committed to a process of reform centred on quality care and innovative practice. Central to this process is the need for research capacity building within the workforce. The aim of this study was to develop an infrastructure for research capacity building within one National Health Service Foundation(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To develop sustainable resources and activity in one hospital to encourage, support and build research activity and innovation among nurses and midwives. BACKGROUND Much resource is spent internationally to enable nurses and midwives to critique and quote research papers. The evidence suggests that little resource is focussed on(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study to explore the reasons why midwives decided to adopt observed decision-making strategies relating to the use of technology. BACKGROUND Literature on the development of midwifery and nursing has suggested that they are developing more egalitarian relationships with clients in decision-making processes. METHODS A(More)
Background. Concept analysis has identified three domains in the competent use of birth technology – interpersonal skills, professional knowledge and clinical proficiency – and tentative criteria for birth technology competence. Aim. Fieldwork was undertaken to observe, confirm and explore pre-defined attributes of birth technology competence. Method. The(More)
BACKGROUND universal screening in pregnancy for HIV is common and migrant women are an identified high risk group. The increasing mobility within countries and migration across borders affects the growing prevalence of HIV, but little is understood about how migrant women view risk of HIV in relation to pregnancy. OBJECTIVES to explore factors that relate(More)
OBJECTIVE This qualitative study aimed to explore attitudes of Thai parents and adolescents towards premarital sex. STUDY DESIGN Data were collected from 11 focus groups with 30 Thai parents and 36 adolescents aged 15-19 years old in rural areas of Udon Thani province, Thailand and examined using thematic analysis. RESULTS Four themes were identified(More)
INTRODUCTION expansion of advanced and specialist midwifery practitioner roles across professional boundaries requires an evidence-based framework to evaluate achievement and maintenance of competency. In order to develop the role of Breech Specialist Midwife to include the autonomous performance of external cephalic version within one hospital, guidance(More)
This qualitative article explores the attitudes of Thai adolescents and parents concerning the barriers that prevent parents providing sex education to their adolescent children. Focus groups were conducted with 30 parents and 36 adolescents in rural north-eastern Thailand and were analyzed by using thematic analysis. The results showed that most Thai(More)
BACKGROUND the term one-to-one support in labour is used in a range of research reports and policy documents internationally without a clear consensus on definition. AIM the aim of this paper is to examine the variety of meanings and to clarify the concept of one-to-one support in labour. METHOD Walker and Avant provide a useful guide for the analysis(More)
This paper outlines a service improvement project undertaken in one acute cardiac ward within a regional NHS trust in the east of England that explored the impact of advancing patient- and family-centred care within an acute adult setting. The project was implemented and evaluated over a 9-month period between March and December 2012 and data collected via(More)