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In this study of the nonlinear H∞-optimal control design for strict-feedback nonlinear systems our objective is to construct globally stabilizing control laws to match the optimal control law up to any desired order, and to be inverse optimal with respect to some computable cost functional. Our recursive construction of a cost functional and the(More)
Locally optimal backstepping is extended to output-feedback systemswith input disturbances and nonlinearities that depend only on the measured output. The constructive design blends worst-case "ltering with backstepping, and results in a disturbance attenuating dynamic output-feedback controller that achieves semiglobal inverse optimality and local(More)
Unmodeled Dynamics in Robust Nonlinear Control by Murat Arcak Since it is common to employ reduced models for control design, robustness to unmodeled dynamics is a crucial design criterion. Recent advances in nonlinear control theory have led to a number of recursive design procedures for which applications and extensions are being reported at an increasing(More)
This paper considers the problem of tracking and intercepting a potentially moving ground-based RF source with an autonomous guided munition that has a passive bearings-only sensor located on its nose. It is assumed that the munition has lost GPS signal lock and that it relies only on its noisy inertial measurement unit (IMU) for guidance and navigation.(More)
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