Kenan Danisman

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A high precision temperature measurement unit is designed in this study. Artificial intelligence and curve fitting techniques are used to linearize output of E-type thermocouple that is preferred due to wide operational range and high emf values. The experimental data that is essential to train and test ANN and ANFIS is obtained using Wavetek 9100(More)
This study presents a different approach to compute the modal peak gain, differential modal refractive index change, and the linewidth enhancement factor (alpha parameter) of an InGaAs deep quantum-well laser sample from a single model. Each of these optical quantities requires many calculations with the use of different theories, assumptions, and(More)
In this paper prediction of dynamics of chaotic Chua's circuit is made using artificial neural networks (ANN). The required data set to train and test the ANN were obtained with numerical analyzes of state equations of Chua's circuit. It is obviously seen that the predicted dynamics at the out of the ANN are similar with circuit dynamics. Without any(More)
Cryptography is a skill of sending the data in such a form that only those for whom it is intended can read it. There are number of methods to perform cryptography, one of such methods is Chaos theory which studies the behavior of a dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Even slight changes in initial conditions result in(More)
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