Ken-ya Hashimoto

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Diamond has the highest known SAW phase velocity, sufficient for applications in the gigahertz range. However, although numerous studies have demonstrated SAW devices on polycrystalline diamond thin films, all have had much larger propagation loss than single-crystal materials such as LiNbO3. Hence, in this study, we fabricated and characterized one-port(More)
This paper describes the characterization of SAW propagation in layered substrate and overlayered structures. The software based on the finite element method and spectral domain analysis was newly developed and applied to the characterization of SAW propagation under an infinitely-long Al interdigital transducer on a rotated Y-cut LiTaO(3)/sapphire(More)
This paper describes a circuit model for the analysis of nonlinearity in the filters based on radiofrequency (RF) bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonators. The nonlinear output is expressed by a current source connected parallel to the linear resonator. Amplitude of the nonlinear current source is programmed proportional to the product of linear currents flowing(More)
The paper describes how the characteristics of leaky surface acoustic wave (LSAW) propagation depend on the thickness of Al grating electrodes on rotated Y-X LiTaO3. It is shown that the propagation loss arising from leaky nature changes parabolically with both the grating electrode thickness and rotation angle and becomes zero when electrode thickness and(More)
This paper discusses the influence of the setup on the measurement reliability and reproducibility for the secondorder inter-modulation distortion (IMD2) generated in RF BAW duplexers. Our measurement results show that the IMD2 level can be reliably and reproducibly measured when the port terminations are properly applied. For example, a filter and a(More)
This paper describes application of Sc-doped AlN (ScAlN) to wideband SAW devices in the 1 to 3 GHz range. First, it is shown theoretically that large SAW velocity and electromechanical coupling factor are simultaneously achievable when the ScAlN film is combined with a base substrate with extremely high acoustic wave velocities, such as diamond and SiC.(More)
This paper describes the application of resonant single-phase unidirectional transducers (RSPUDTs) to the development of low-loss SAW filters with constant group delay in transition bands as well as in the passband. A low-loss SAW filter with constant group delay was designed and fabricated on a 128 degrees YX-LiNbO3 substrate. Experimental results were in(More)
This paper investigates the effects of bulk acoustic wave (BAW) radiation on the admittance of interdigital transducers (IDTs) with significant internal reflections of shear horizontal (SH) type leaky surface acoustic waves (SAWs) on 42 degrees YX-LiTaO3 (42-LT). Theoretical analysis is made by using the discrete Green function theory, and synchronous(More)
A SiO(2)/Al/LiNbO(3) structure has a large electromechanical coupling factor (K(2)) and good temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF) for applications as a SAW duplexer of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Band I. However, the SiO(2)/Al/LiNbO(3) structure also supports two unwanted spurious responses; one is caused by the Rayleigh mode(More)
This paper describes full-wave analysis of piezoelectric boundary acoustic waves (PBAWs) propagating along a metallic grating sandwiched between 2 semi-infinite layers. In the analysis, the finite element method (FEM) is used for the grating region while the spectral domain analysis (SDA) is applied for an isotropic overlay region as well as a piezoelectric(More)