Ken-ichiro Shimokura

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A recent trend in society is for young parents to ask for support in performing their childcare duties. Against this background and to promote the intermixing of parents and children and support information exchange between parents and nursery teachers, we developed the network-based interactive child-watch system called "Meru-robo digital log system". It(More)
We have been studying a remote-collaboration system called SCOPE (sight collaboration by projection effect) featuring image projecting and capturing capabilities as implemented in a maintenance robot. With the help of SCOPE and a remote support person, an on-site worker can perform maintenance very efficiently. We propose a mobile SCOPE that can(More)
To create a more efficient environment in which to perform remote maintenance, the authors propose a novel collaboration concept, called robot-augmented communication (RAC). In RAC a maintenance robot and an on-site human worker are assisted by another skilled human operator at a remote support center. By emphasizing the intentions of the remote supporter(More)