Ken‐ichiro Shimazaki

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Bioassays were performed on malePeriplaneta americana L. using synthetic (-)-periplanone-B (P-B) and Hauptmann's (-)-periplanone-A (P-A), and their mixtures at various ratios to estimate the roles of both periplanones for the sexual communication of the species. Both P-A and P-B elicited qualitatively the same responses, such as antennal movement, rapid(More)
In the course of a survey in 1979 of influenza VIrUS In feral birds, including 255 water fowls of 19 species, 719 small migrating birds of 32 species and 126 sea birds of 6 species, an influenza virus was isolated from a cloacal swab of one of the 38 eastern dunlins (Calidris alpina sakhalina) examined. No influenza virus was isolated from the other birds.(More)
Phototropin (phot1) is a blue light-activated plasma membrane-associated kinase that acts as the principal photoreceptor for shoot phototropism in Arabidopsis in conjunction with the signalling component Non-Phototropic Hypocotyl 3 (NPH3). PHOT1 is uniformly expressed throughout the Arabidopsis hypocotyl, yet decapitation experiments have localized the site(More)
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