Ken'ichiro Nagasaka

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This paper proposes the integrated motion control method to make a bipedal humanoid walk, jump and run. This method generates dynamically consistent motion patterns in real-time based on the concept of the dynamics filter, which assures that the force and the moment generated by the robot can equilibrate with that caused by the environment. The validity of(More)
This paper presents a novel methodology for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of a grid-connected 20 kW Photovoltaic (PV) system using neuro-fuzzy network. The proposed method predicts the reference PV voltage guarantying optimal power transfer between the PV generator and the main utility grid. The neuro-fuzzy network is composed of a fuzzy rule-based(More)
We have built a small humanoid entertainment robot SDR4X (Sony Dream Robot, a prototype) which does motion performances that are dynamic and elegant. It achieves these performances using newly developed robot actuators, the Intelligent Servo Actuator (ISA) and a control system called Whole Body Cooperative and Real-time Integrated Adaptive Motion Control(More)
This paper proposes a control framework for a two-armed and two-wheeled mobile robot that can coordinate all the joint forces to achieve diverse motion objectives such as position, velocity, acceleration, force and impedance at any part of the body. The framework comprises two components: 1) Generalized Inverse Dynamics (GID) that determines joint forces(More)
We have been developing a small biped entertainment robot and expanding its capabilities for adaptability and mobility in the home environment with enhanced core technologies. Conspicuous enhancements are a new robot actuator, ISA and Real-time Integrated Adaptive Motion Control System as a comprehensive motion control for SDR to realize the dynamic and(More)