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Chemical lesions of the brain stem region containing glycinergic omnipause neurons (OPNs) cause saccade slowing with no change in latency. To explore the mechanisms responsible for this deficit, simulation studies were performed with a conductance-based model of premotor excitatory burst neurons (EBNs) that incorporated multiple membrane channels, including(More)
We studied the effect of the probability of required tracking on the gain of visuomotor transmission for pursuit initiation in monkeys. We recorded the ocular responses to a brief movement (perturbation) of a target located at an eccentric position from the central fixation spot. As soon as the central fixation spot went off, the animal was required to make(More)
We first present a mathematical analysis of the relation between the parameters and the behavior of the basic module in the proposed neural network model for visual motion detection. Based on the analytical results, a learning rule is put forth that can develop velocity selectivity of directionally selective cells in the basic module. The learning rule is(More)
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