Ken-ichiro Kobayashi

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While there is an abundance of literature describing the association of chromosome aberrations with epilepsy, only a few refer to the detailed features of epilepsy. It is important to investigate the associations between specific chromosome abnormalities and features of epilepsy to identify genes involved in epilepsy and treat them more effectively. We(More)
Transparent larval zebrafish offer the opportunity to unravel genetic and neuronal networks underlying behavior in a developing system. In this study, we developed a choice chamber paradigm to measure reward-associated behavior in larval zebrafish. In the chamber where larval zebrafish have a choice of spending their time in either a water- or(More)
ARID3B, a member of the AT-rich interaction domain (ARID) family of proteins, plays an essential role in the survival of neural crest during embryogenesis. Here, we report evidence that ARID3B is involved in the development of malignant neuroblastoma, a childhood tumor derived from neural crest. (a) ARID3B is expressed by all five cell lines derived from(More)
We study the quantum conserved charges and S-matrices of N=2 supersymmetric sine-Gordon theory in the framework of perturbation theory formulated in N=2 superspace. The quantum affine algebras ̂ slq(2) and super topological charges play important roles in determining the N=2 soliton structure and S-matrices of soliton-(anti)soliton as well as(More)
Sirs, The prevalence of urolithiasis in Japanese children is very low [1, 2]. Uric acid is rather uncommon as a constituent of childhood urolithiasis: uric acid stones occasionally develop in conditions associated with excessive production of uric acid, such as tumor lysis syndrome or lymphoproliferative/myeloproliferative disorders. Rare inborn errors of(More)
We report disseminated cysticercosis concurrent with taeniasis in a 31-year-old male Japanese, who had visited India three times and stayed for 1 month each time during the previous 1 year. The patient presented increasing numbers of subcutaneous nodules and expelled proglottids, although numerous cysts were also found in the brain in imaging findings,(More)
We identified ATF7IP as a novel PDGFRB fusion partner in B-progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (B-ALL) and showed that B-ALL with ATF7IP/PDGFRB translocation is included within the genomic lesions of a Philadelphia chromosome (Ph)-like ALL subgroup. Comprehensive analyses of previous repositories of gene expression data sets disclosed that B-ALL cases(More)
Through subtractive hybridization, H+/K+-ATPase beta subunit mRNA, highly expressed in the larval stomach of Xenopus laevis, was isolated. In situ hybridization demonstrated that the H+/K+-ATPase beta subunit mRNA was exclusively expressed in manicotto gland cells of the larval stomach, not in any other cell. Northern blot analysis showed that(More)
We report a male infant with congenital tuberculosis who developed cerebral hemorrhage associated with vitamin K deficiency during treatment with isoniazid and rifampin. Despite an absence of risk factors for vitamin K deficiency, the severe hemorrhagic disorder occurred at 4 months of age. We speculate that vitamin K deficiency in the present case may have(More)