Ken-ichi Yukimatsu

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We present a digital free-space photonic switch structure that uses exciton absorption reflection switch (EARS) arrays. The network topology of the switch is a banyan network. This switch structure uses microbeam interconnections to realize a compact switch fabric. The low-loss interconnection that is necessary for high-speed operation can be achieved by(More)
In this paper, service integration of voice, data and facsimile communications is studied from the viewpoint of developing the data switching networks to integrated services networks which could handle various types of information transmission. First, requirements from the user's and carrier's points of view are described. Integrated services networks must(More)
Shutting down a link for the purposes of a scheduled routine maintenance does cause the forwarding path to change. If these changes are not done in a required order will cause not only transient micro loops but also an overload in some links. Currently, some ISP operators use a graceful link shutdown procedure by first setting up the Interior Gateway(More)
This paper reviews the hyper-media photonic information network (HM-PIN) concept as a candidate of innovative future networks based on photonic technologies. The HM-PIN having a universal network interface integrates a variety of information services: telecommunications, newspapers, magazines, TV broadcasts and the growing collection of information servers.(More)
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