Ken-ichi Shinoda

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Ancient DNA recovered from 57 individuals excavated by Hiram Bingham at the rural communities of Paucarcancha, Patallacta, and Huata near the famed Inca royal estate and ritual site of Machu Picchu was analyzed by polymerase chain reaction, and the results were compared with ancient and modern DNA from various Central Andean areas to test their hypothesized(More)
The Jomon period of the Japanese Archipelago, characterized by cord-marked 'jomon' potteries, has yielded abundant human skeletal remains. However, the genetic origins of the Jomon people and their relationships with modern populations have not been clarified. We determined a total of 115 million base pair nuclear genome sequences from two Jomon individuals(More)
Let G = Sp (2n) be the symplectic group over Z. We present a certain kind of deformation of the nilpotent cone of G with G-action. This enables us to make direct links between the Springer correspondence of sp 2n over C, that over characteristic two, and our exotic Springer correspondence. As a by-product, we obtain a complete description of our exotic(More)
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