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A new technique for evaluating hypernasality using an acoustic approach is presented. In a preliminary study using this technique, nasal resonance was assessed in 17 normal subjects and 16 subjects judged to be hypernasal. Analyses of the one-third-octave power spectra revealed an increase in power level between the first and second formant, and a reduction(More)
The advantages of the free vascularized fibular flap include its ability to be shaped with relative ease and to be grafted at the same time tumors are resected, with consequent reduction in operation time. In addition, few complications occur at donor sites. However, a large, systematic, and detailed investigation of clinicoanatomic problems of the fibula(More)
Postoperative articulation was investigated in patients who underwent glossectomy and reconstruction with free radial forearm flaps. The methods of evaluation consisted of scores for intelligibility of 100 Japanese syllables and 3 groups of glossal sounds. The glossal sounds, based on palato-lingual contact (lingogram), were useful to evaluate function of(More)
Postoperative articulation in 18 glossectomized patients was investigated. The subjects were: 5 cases of tongue tumour, 7 cases of tumour of the anterior part of the floor of the mouth and 6 cases of tumour of the lateral part. A new modification of the Freiburger test for speech audiometry was used as test material. Then the articulatory function was(More)
Structural and morphometric investigations of the vessels of the neck region were carried out on 30 cadavers (15 male and 15 female in the age range of 45 to 93 years old) to gain more knowledge of the anatomy for microvascular surgery. Our results briefly are as follows: (1) The non-common-truck type of the external carotid artery (in which each branch(More)
This study established a method of detecting temporomandibular joint sounds based on signal-to-noise ratios. After comparing the temporomandibular joint signals obtained from three different sites over the skin, the articular eminence was found to be the best site for detecting temporomandibular joint sounds; this site provided the highest mean amplitude in(More)
PURPOSE Patterns of healing were investigated in mandibles reconstructed with three different techniques to assess their readiness for implant placement. PATIENTS AND METHODS The subjects were 10 patients who had undergone mandibular reconstruction with either nonvascularized iliac block bone grafts (group 1; 3 patients), particulate cancellous bone and(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the association between loss of ovarian function and bone mineral density changes in the mandibles of ovariectomized rabbits using peripheral quantitative computed tomography. Twenty-four adult female Japanese white rabbits were used in this experiment. The mandibular incisors were initially extracted to create(More)
Cervical auscultation is being used more frequently in the clinical assessment of dysphagic patients. The present study was designed to assess symmetry and the reproducibility of swallowing sounds detected simultaneously from bilateral cervical sites. Symmetry of the swallowing sounds acquired using our method was verified because no significant differences(More)