Ken'ichi Matsuo

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A new biometrics authentication method for cellular phones which has an advantage of simple and natural operation is proposed. The proposed method authenticates owner using acceleration signals obtained by an acceleration sensor embedded in the cellular phones during his arm sweep action. When the owner wants to unlock its security, he just needs to grasp(More)
In this paper, we propose a multi-expert seal imprint verification system. The system has been specifically designed for applications in the Japanese bank check processing. A difficult problem encountered in automatic seal imprint verification is that the system is required an extremely low error rate despite of using a small number of reference data for(More)
This paper describes a fine quality re-encoding scheme that converts JPEG to JPEG2000. The problem is that the quality of a re-encoded picture deteriorates by 0.5-1.0 dB when a JPEG picture is re-encoded quite simply by JPEG2000 at the same coding rate, although JPEG2000 has essentially higher compression ability and achieves better quality by 1-2 dB than(More)
In this paper, a practical method to design sound field controllers, especially for noise reduction, is proposed. Spectral analysis based on correlation method is used in order to estimate frequency response of the field to control. Then the controller is tuned automatically using partial model matching on the frequency domain. The proposed method is(More)
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