Ken'ichi Hatanaka

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Recently, some night driving assistance systems have been developed actively. They provide an infrared camera image with an alarm and an emphasized pedestrian. In this study, a night driving environment and a night driving assistance system are built on our driving simulator. We verify the effectiveness of the existence of the assistance system on the(More)
Two kinds of fluorinated polymers were synthesized: an acrylate polymer having a fluorinated triethylene glycol as a pendant group (2a) and a fluoroalkyl acrylate polymer (2b). The contact angle of these fluorinated polymers against water, non-fluorinated alcohols and fluorinated alcohols were evaluated. As compared with the fluoroalkyl polymer (2b),(More)
Membranes with immobilized GM3-type oligosaccharide were prepared and influenza virus adsorption was evaluated. GM3-type oligosaccharide which has azido group in the aglycon was synthesized by saccharide primer method. The azido group was used for combination by click chemistry with alkyne which is introduced to membranes. The position of the azido group in(More)
BACKGROUND Glycolipids are one component of cell membranes, and are found most prevalently at the surface of the plasma membrane. Animal cells take in amphipathic glycosides, which are later glycosylated after assimilation in biosynthetic pathways. Gycosylated glycosides are released outside of cells to the surrounding culture medium. This represents an(More)
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