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We propose a novel method to reconstruct B-spline surfaces from generalized cylindrical meshes by skinning. Skinning is a well known surface creation technique and has been used in CAD and CG modeling. However there are few papers which address the issue of automated creation and preparation of sectional curves for skinning. Although our method is only(More)
MultiCore processor is one of the promising techniques to satisfy computing demands of the future consumer devices. However, MultiCore processor is still threatened by increasing energy consumption due to PVT (Process-Voltage-Temperature) variations. They require large design margins in the supply voltage, resulting in large energy consumption. The(More)
In this paper, a multistage parallel interference canceller (MPIC) with multi-beam reception for a DS-CDMA system was proposed to suppress multiple access interference (MAI) effectively. Its aim is to reduce the computational complexity of the conventional MPIC cascaded with an adaptive array antenna. It employs multiple fixed beams based on phased array(More)
Soft error rate (SER) of various radiation hardened latches is analyzed by simulation. SER is estimated by modeling the variety of current pulses triggered by particle strikes such as neutrons from space or alpha particles using Monte Carlo method. By using proposed method, we show that SER of various latches is accurately analyzed without conducting(More)