Ken Whybrew

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al. Transmissions to mice indicate that ‘new variant’ CJD is caused by the BSE agent. Nature 1997;389:498-501. 3 Hill AF, Desbruslais M, Joiner S, Sidle KCL, Gowland I, Collinge J, et al. The same prion strain causes vCJD and BSE. Nature 1997;389:448-50. 4 Homer AC, Honaver M, Lantos PL, Hastie IR, Kellett JM, Millard PH. Diagnosing dementia: do we get it(More)
This project aimed to assess the accuracy of Tempa-DOT and FeverScan for measuring children's temperatures. Tempa-DOT is a small flat chemical thermometer with 50 dots that change colour at specific temperatures. FeverScan is a liquid crystal strip thermometer with temperature sensitive colour bars that change colour when held against the forehead. Two(More)
1. The effects of antagonism of the maternal renin-angiotensin system (RAS) with either an angiotensin II type 1-(AT1) specific receptor blocker (GR138950) or an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor (captopril) were compared in chronically-catheterised ewes and their foetuses during late gestation. 2. Daily from 127 +/- 1 days of gestation until(More)
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