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A signalling procedure is described involving a connection, via the Internet, between the nervous system of an able-bodied individual and a robotic prosthesis, and between the nervous systems of two able-bodied human subjects. Neural implant technology is used to directly interface each nervous system with a computer. Neural motor unit and sensory receptor(More)
  • K. Warwick
  • 2006
A look is taken here at how the use of implant technology is rapidly diminishing the effects of certain neural illnesses and distinctly increasing the range of abilities of those affected. An indication is given of a number of problem areas in which such technology has already had a profound effect, a key element being the need for a clear interface linking(More)
1 We are grateful to the following for helpful comments and discussions during the preparation of this report, but they are not responsible for remaining errors: also like to acknowledge my debt to Tudor Rickards, Professor of Creativity at Manchester Business School, for introducing me to some of the fascinating work in that field.
The effects of ridogrel (a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor/endoperoxide receptor antagonist) were assessed in an ovine model of pregnancy-induced hypertension. Maternal serum prostacyclin and thromboxane levels were quanitiated using RIA, and maternal and neonatal coagulation status was assessed. Pregnancy and neonatal outcome were recorded. Ridogrel,(More)
This paper describes an investigation into the use of implant technology in forming a bi-directional link between the human nervous system and a computer. The microelectrode implant and the required neurosurgery are described in detail. Various application studies are described, including interaction with an articulated robot hand, a group of autonomous(More)
CGS 13080, imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine-5-hexanoic acid, was evaluated for perinatal and postnatal effects in third trimester pregnant guinea pigs and their offspring. The compound was administered via 48 hour continuous intravenous infusion to a group of pregnant guinea pigs (n = 16) at a dose of 3 mg/kg/hr starting on gestational day 52 (via chronically(More)
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