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Reviewers The Publications Committee of the American Physiological Society gratefully acknowledges the services of the following reviewers who assisted the Editorial Board in the reviews of manuscripts. I would like to recommend that our library subscribe to the American Journal of Physiology–Cell Physiology. This is a journal published online and in print(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe, for the first time, distribution (by geography, age, sex) and time trends in burn injury in England and Wales over the period that the international Burn Injury Database (iBID) has been in place. SETTING Data from the iBID for the years 2003-2011 were used for a retrospective descriptive observational study of specialised services(More)
UNLABELLED Some burn wounds take longer to heal than others, but this cannot be fully explained by physical factors such as burn size and depth. Research interest has therefore focussed on the potential contribution of psychological factors, such as perception of the burn and distress, to the wound healing process. OBJECTIVES Using the framework of(More)
BACKGROUND Patient outcomes in specialist burns units have been used as a metric of care needs and quality. Besides patient factors there are service factors that might influence Length of Stay (LOS) and mortality, e.g. pressure on beds. Although the bed needs of UK hospitals have dropped significantly over the past three decades, with changes in policies(More)
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