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Silver is an effective antimicrobial agent, but older silver-containing formulations are rapidly inactivated by the wound environment, requiring frequent replenishment. These older formulations may also be pro-inflammatory and may delay healing. Acticoat (Smith & Nephew, Hull, UK) is a relatively new form of silver antimicrobial barrier dressing which helps(More)
Wound healing in adult human skin results in varying degrees of scar formation, ranging clinically from fine asymptomatic scars to problematic hypertrophic and keloid scars, which may limit function and restrict further growth. At present, no good objective method of clinically assessing scars exists, which is problematic for the evaluation of scar(More)
Reduction mammaplasty is rationed in NHS plastic surgery provision, despite abundant evidence that most women who undergo this operation obtain significant improvement in their physical health and quality of life. We suspected that women seeking reduction mammaplasty often wear ill-fitting bras, which may exacerbate some of their symptoms. Therefore, we(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper presents a series of practical guides for use in planning and responding to a major incident involving large numbers of burns casualties. METHOD The guidance is based on the findings of an expert Delphi study published as an accompanying paper. RESULTS The guidance covers preparation and all aspects of the response from prehospital(More)
BACKGROUND Biological products (tissue engineered skin, allograft and xenograft, and biological dressings) are widely used in the treatment of burns, chronic wounds, and other forms of acute injury. However, the religious and ethical issues, including consent, arising from their use have never been addressed in the medical literature. AIMS This study was(More)
Inhalation injury is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in thermally injured patients but is difficult to quantify. A number of parameters can be useful evaluating inhalation injury including bronchoscopy, PaO(2)/FiO(2) (P/F) ratio, and carboxyhaemaglobin (COHb) levels. Identification of markers that permit early detection of the degree of damage(More)
Paediatric burn surgery may be associated with significant blood loss and postoperative pain. To investigate methods of reducing these symptoms, we studied a prospective series of 29 children with small to medium sized burns. Presurgically both the burn wound and split skin graft donor sites were injected with a 1:500,000 adrenaline solution, to which(More)
Patchouli, tea tree, geranium, lavender essential oils and Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) were used singly and in combination to assess their anti-bacterial activity against three strains of Staphylococcus aureus: Oxford S. aureus NCTC 6571 (Oxford strain), Epidemic methicillin-resistant S. aureus (EMRSA 15) and MRSA (untypable). The individual(More)
This trial compared two approaches used to introduce parenting skills in a residential staff training program. Fifty staff were randomly assigned to: mastery modelling in which videotaped models demonstrated new skills, coping modelling problem solving (CMPS) in which participants formulated their own solutions to the errors depicted by videotaped models,(More)